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2018-2019 Season
Lodging and meals included in all hunting packages unless specified
non-hunters $50 a day with paid hunters
   NO Party Hunting. Daily limits are per hunter and are strictly enforced.  If you wound an animal it is considered a kill.

If a Nubbin Bucks is shot there will be an addition charge of $300
Bow Fishing:
$175.00 per person, per trip without food & lodging.
$225.00 per person, per day includes food & lodging.
Alligator Gar Fishing
$350 .00 for 1
$400.00 for 2 
Dove Hunts: (minimum group of 3 people)
Opening Dove  First three Weeks $75.00 a day-no food or lodging, no minimums.
Opening Dove First three Weeks $125.00 a day includes food & lodging, 2 day minimum
Remainder of Dove Season
$50.00 a day -no food or lodging, no minimums.
$100.00 a day-includes food & lodging, 2 day minimum.
**Corporate Hunts Welcome**
Deer Hunts: All hunts include 2 deer, maximum 1 trophy buck. Extra Doe's can be added to a hunt for $400 each.
  • If a Nubbin Bucks is shot there will be an addition charge of $300
  • Bow Hunts: $550.00 (2 day hunt), $800.00 (3 day hunt) Food & lodging included
  • Bow Hunts: $450.00 (2 day hunt), $600.00 (3 day hunt) without food & lodging.
  • Gun Hunts: $775.00 (2 day hunt), $1000.00 (3 day hunt) Food & lodging included.
  • Gun Hunts: $700.00 (2 day hunt), $850.00 ( 3 day hunt) without food & lodging.
  • Youth Deer Hunts: 16 Years and younger-$300.00 per day- food & lodging included. (2 day minimum)
  • Thanksgiving weekend Thursday-Sunday $1150.00
(food & lodging included)
**This hunt includes 1 Buck and 2 Does and unlimited hogs and predators**
  • Free Range Hog Hunts
  • $225.00 per day No minimum days required, without food & lodging.
  • $275.00 per day, No minimum days required, with food & lodging.
Guide fee: $50.00 per sitting (fully guided hunt)
Hog Hunts-
  • One day hog hunt includes one night lodging, with meals, limit 2 hog per day.  $275.00
  • Two day hog hunt includes two nights lodging, with meals, limit 2 hogs per day.    $550.00
  • Three day hog hunt includes 3 nights, with meals, limit 2 hogs per day. $825.00 
                                           Daily bag limits do not carry over. 
  • Youth Hog Hunts, 16 years and younger......with paid adult
  • One day hunt   $200.00
  • Two day hunt   $400.00
  • Three day hunt $600.00
  • Lodging and meals included with youth hunts
  • **No expandable broad heads**
  • Fees include (per day) One hog over 100lb's & one under 100lb's
On your smaller hog anything over 100lb is $1.00 per pound.
If you would like to add a Dog Hunt to your stand hunt it is an extra $50.00 per person, per day.  Daily bag limits still apply.
  • Duck Hunts: $150 a day -2 day minimum
  • Geese: $150 a day -2 day minimum
          Extra hogs may be purchased with any package.  Prices may vary.
Other game is also available with hog hunts. Coyote, fox, bobcats, raccoons, and cotton tail may be harvested at no extra charge.     
You may use our game cleaning facility or we will skin, quarter and pack game for a fee of $25 per animal. Capping will be  an extra $35.
 Hog Dog Hunts
One day hunt includes one night lodging with meals and two hogs, $325.00. Two day hunt includes two nights lodging with meals and 4 hogs, $650.00, etc. 
 Any mixed packages will be priced on request of hunt.
All hunters are required to sign a release form at time of arrival.
Personal Checks will be accepted no later than two weeks before hunting date for deposit. Balance due upon arrival, cash, cashier’s check or money orders only will be accepted.
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